Hold Person 5e: Do you want to know about the features of this spell? 


The hold person 5e is a spell that causes a humanoid creature up to Medium size to be paralyzed for 1 round/level. Since it only affects humanoids, a Hold Person 5e spell can’t affect other types of creatures. It requires a caster level of 3rd or higher. The caster needs a hand free and clear to cast this spell. If that hand is being used for another purpose, then the hold person 5e will fail for certain.

What is the duration of Hold Person 5e?

It varies depending upon your magic ability. A standard humanoid will require 1 minute/level to make any saving throws against Hold Person 5e. The thing that makes this spell hard to use is that you have very little time to cast it before the enemy starts attacking again. If you don’t get it done fast enough, then it’s not going to work.

For a standard humanoid, once they have been paralyzed, they will remain that way for a total of 1 minute per caster level. But the hold person 5e is only effective within a 30-foot range from you, so if you can’t get close enough to them, then it’s all over. It takes some time to become familiar with Hold Person 5e, although all casters need both hands free to cast this spell properly. If your hands are busy doing something else, then your concentration on the spell will slip, and things will not end well! It has no somatic (gesture) component but does require verbal and material components. And it means that you need some free space to use the spell, and it is best used against a humanoid of Medium or smaller size.

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How does Hold Person 5e work?

Depending upon the magic ability of the caster, Hold Person 5e lasts for either one minute per level or until a successful dispel check has been made against paralysis. So if you cast this spell and your enemy fails their initial saving throw, they will become paralyzed and unable to make any more – except on each subsequent round. If this goes on for too long (more than a couple of minutes), they must make Constitution checks to try and shake off the hold person 5e effects. This kind of thing can be quite dangerous.

The Hold Person 5e spell looks innocuous enough: a thin blue-ray comes from your finger and strikes your target, who initially gets an advantage on their saving throw if they are facing you (and only then). If the hold person 5e fails this initial save, then there is no chance of making any more – except for each consecutive round that passes. Once the effect has taken place, it will last until either one minute per caster level has passed since they were first paralyzed, or another successful dispel magic check has been cast, which overcomes the paralysis.

It is best used as an area-of-effect spell that causes enemies within 30 feet of you to have a disadvantage if they attack you. It doesn’t mean that they have a disadvantage on any ability checks or saving throws, but it does mean that they can have paralysis if the hold person 5e succeeds upon striking them with a successful attack roll. The party must decide how best to use this spell during combat – either as an area-of-effect spell or only against a few special high-value targets, which might be worth all of that trouble.

Effects of casting the hold person 5e

The target humanoid receives an initial saving throw vs your magic when you cast the hold person 5e on them, which they make with advantage if they face you. If they fail, the target is paralyzed until the spell wears off or is dispelled (the duration can be ‘dispelled’ by making a successful dispel check). This paralysis includes verbal components. If the hold person 5e succeeds in this initial saving throw, there are no further saving throws. A new save must be made each round to try and overcome the effect of the spell.

In this spell, a wave of force holds audience members standing on the ground within range, frozen in their tracks if they have not made Move actions that turn. The way to counter this paralysis is to make a successful DC 15 save, repeated each round. Anyone who has been paralyzed by this spell (a friend or an enemy) is at the mercy of their enemies and can easily be killed unless they are saved by someone else. It might not be good for them. But if you hesitate to finish them off, there is no one to blame except yourself.

Requirement for casting hold person 5e

For this spell to work, you need to be able to cast 5e arcane spells. You also need both hands free to aim and fire your ray, so if one of them is holding something, that could easily halt the whole process! It takes some time and preparation to use Hold Person 5e well, but it sure does go a long way towards helping out your party in combat.

How high is the DC?

It’s not all that easy for an enemy to shrug off hold person 5e once it has taken effect. The initial saving throw (while facing you) is only against paralysis itself. Still, after that, you’re probably looking at Constitution made with advantage, but if this fails, there is no chance to try again until the next round. It is a great way for you to paralyze an enemy who might otherwise prove quite troublesome in combat.

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How much time does hold person 5e last for?

Depending upon the magic ability of the caster, Hold Person 5e lasts for either one minute per level or until a successful dispel check has been made against paralysis.

What abilities should a caster have to cast this spell?

For this spell to work, you need to be able to cast 5e arcane spells.

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