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Gauss Warframe is a new and rare breed of resource used to craft weapons and war frames. It is acquired by dismantling other items in Warframe. According to the developers, Gauss Warframe is a new and improved version of Orokin Ducats. Ducats were used to acquire prime parts (Warframes and weapons) until update 11 when Void Traces replaced them. Now it seems like the Gauss Warframe will take their place as trading currency for endgame items.

The name Gauss comes from the gun itself, which is named after the German mathematician who discovered its principles, Carl Friederich Gauss; in turn, he named it after himself because he wanted to keep a large portion of his wealth for his personal use, which was a bit odd at the time but a huge advantage today.

Abilities of Gauss warframe:

Gauss warframe abilities are listed below in the following priority-of-use order: Dash (1) > Shock Coil (2) > Discharge (3).


Dash is Gauss’s first ability which costs 10% energy to cast and gives him a short speed boost at no energy for six seconds. It’s important to note that it has unlimited range, unlike Loki’s blink or Ash’s dodge slide. Dash makes it easy to enter any region on the map since you can fly up or down platforms, usually taking time to walk over. Just because your war frame itself becomes weightless, allowing you to not only Dash over gaps. But also over large objects like rocks without the need to jump. Thus saving you your precious energy pool.

The ability itself is relatively straightforward. The dash speed increase lasts 6 seconds and gives you a very high-velocity movement that exceeds a regular bullet’s maximum movement speed. This ability makes Gauss a fantastic frame for hit-and-run tactics while gaining entry into some prime locations on the map. Just think about flying from point A directly into point Z faster than any other frame.

Tapping the Dash ability:

Tapping the Dash ability three times in a row will have you “rush” at your enemies, doing increased damage with each consecutive hit up to 13 times which is more or less equivalent to one of Brokk’s Smash attacks. This ability makes Gauss ideal for both offense and defense because he can get out of dangerous situations quickly without having to waste ammo on his secondary by simply double-tapping the ability key to get ahead of everyone else. The only downside is that if any foe hits you during your charge, then they’ll knock you down immediately – leaving you vulnerable to attack until you stand back up again.

Shock Coil:

Shock Coil is Gauss’s second ability which costs 10% energy per shot and fires a beam of electricity (magnetic) at the enemy within 12 meters. It also has an infinite range like his first ability Das. But, unlike Dash, which can only travel in one direction, Shock Coil can change its aim 360 degrees depending on where you’re looking. The benefit of this additional range is that it lets you shoot any enemy regardless of their position (provided they’re within 12m). And if they’re cloaked, then shift your camera downwards and fire. Since it’s a beam weapon, it will track them down until they’re destroyed.

The ability itself works exactly like any other beam weapon in the game. But has one additional property, which makes it essential to Gauss’ that he can deal heavy damage into all types of armor, including Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and even Specters (which are generally immune to certain elements). That is highly relevant to close-quarters combat since you may often be required to fight indoors where there’s little space. The only problem is the range of his primary weapons themselves. With this in mind, Shock Coil acts as an excellent secondary or primary option when fighting inside cramped spaces. If an enemy gets too close, then melee them with your good ol’ trusty screwdriver to finish them off.


Discharge is Gauss Warframe third ability which costs a considerable 45% energy to cast and deals medium damage in a 3-meter radius from where you’re looking. It also has the additional effect of being able to strip enemy shields, including Heleus, Infested, Gauss Warframe shield, or Specters’ “bubble.” Before eventually dealing the necessary damage to the target itself. This feature makes it unique because he gets 3-4 abilities slotted on his main bar while still having one more.

The best way to use this ability I find is to switch to it while undercover, wait for an enemy squad to bunch up together, and hope that one person gets caught in the blast; this should easily take out at least 1/3rd of their health bar (2-3 dashes), but the chances are they’ll quickly scatter before you can even act on them further. However, this can be partially negated if you use the shock coil ahead of time (since it will hold them still for some time) or even disable them with your triple Dash while using this ability on them.


Gauss Warframeis an agile frame that requires good knowledge of the map and efficient flight mechanics to utilize his abilities effectively; coupled with his additional speed and dampener subsystems, he becomes the ‘jacks-of-all-trades’ within Warframe: high mobility: can reach any area with ease (phase door for stealth), damage: effective against all armor types (high crit chance or status), energy efficiency; never without a half-empty energy pool and unlimited energy supply, an epitome of Warframe’s theme as a ninja-space robot assassin.

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