The 5 Worst NFL Teams In 2022-23 According To Madden 23

Finding the worst NFL teams in 2022-23, and a million different ways to gripe about the newest Madden 23 video game seems like it might be one of the most enjoyable activities during the NFL season, in addition to the overall satisfaction that comes from playing the game. 

There is no doubt that the brand has made itself an easy target for a number of reasons; nonetheless, there are times when it may seem like an overreaction to do so much. However, regardless of the projections, betting on NFL odds on these teams will surely be fun for bettors.

The face scan of a player can turn out to be a complete joke. Player ratings are sometimes the subject of intense debate. Not only that, but the quality of the simulations in the video game has been called into question. Let’s take a look at the five franchises in the simulation that now have the unfortunate distinction of having the lowest records. 

Los Angeles Chargers (5-12) 

Many analysts and commentators have selected the Los Angeles Chargers as their selection to win the American Football Conference West division in 2022. It is an audacious assertion to make, especially considering how strong the AFC West division is this season, but it is not without some basis in reality. Justin Herbert, who is regarded as one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the NFL, guides one of the most potent attacks in the NFL, which belongs to the Chargers. 

It’s possible that one may not have as high of an opinion of the Chargers as other people do, but going 5-12? Even taking into account just the Madden 23 simulation, it is a poor forecast, as most NFL Lines seem more in favor of the Chargers as well.

New England Patriots (5-12) 

In Madden 23, the Patriots are projected to have the same record as the Chargers, which is 5-12. One should emphasize that this is only one simulation, but it is pretty evident that the video game did not think highly of the Patriots or, for that matter, any other AFC East club. 

In point of fact, the forecasts for the AFC East were likely the most controversial aspect of this projection, with the Buffalo Bills finishing with a record of 9-8. Without a doubt, the departures of Josh McDaniels to the Raiders and JC Jackson to the Chargers in 2022 might result in a regression for the Patriots in terms of their level of play. 

Atlanta Falcons (5-12) 

No doubt, quite a few people will guess correctly about this one. If Marcus Mariota or Desmond Ridder is their starting quarterback in 2022 for the Falcons, it is hard to imagine that the Falcons will be in a position to compete for anything other than the bottom places in the NFC South. At least, that is how it seems on paper. 

It is clear that this is still a club going through a period of transition, particularly in light of the fact that Matt Ryan was traded away. This is a rather grim forecast, given that everyone is still undefeated at the moment. Fans will certainly enjoy betting on the Falcons’ Vegas NFL Odds this season. Despite the ups and downs these teams face throughout the season, the ultimate goal remains clinching a spot at the SuperBowl, and for fans, grabbing their tickets early on platforms like TicketSmarter ensures they won’t miss out on the action.

New York Football Giants (4-13) 

Many believe that the New York Jets have made a lot of tremendous improvements throughout the course of the summer of 2022, but the concerns that they have at quarterback have not been resolved. Joe Flacco got the start to open the year since Zach Wilson was injured. Given Wilson’s injury, it’s reasonable to say that expectations for this squad are as low as they possibly could be; the question is, will they still be as terrible in 2022? 

The Chicago Bears (2-15) 

The results of the worst NFL teams in 2022-23, according to Madden 23 simulation make it very evident that the Chicago Bears were not well-regarded by the game’s developers. In this hypothetical situation, Chicago obtains the first overall selection, but Justin Fields also throws 20 interceptions. Should this occur, would the Bears look elsewhere for a quarterback, or would they continue to build around Fields and try to draft Will Anderson Jr.? 

After firing head coach Matt Nagy and hiring Matt Eberflus in his place, the Chicago Bears are definitely expecting a stride forward and some addition by subtraction. This is a harsh projection for the Chicago Bears, who have been through a lot recently.

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