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Mobile Phone Repair North Highlands Use DC Power Supply-Why?

The DC or the direct current is the one that technicians of mobile phone repair in North Highland to charge the phone. However, it doesn’t matter for various people whether their phone is working due to DC or not. But there is a misconception that DC and AC charging are huge differences. The repairing system of the mobile phone depends on the two types of electricity. The one is AC, and the other is DC. this article will discuss the main topic of DC and why technicians use it. 

Comparison of the AC & DC

Before heading to the deep details about how mobile phone repair in North Highlands uses the DC. It is important to understand the difference between AC and DC. So, the technicians of the First Response Repair center explain the difference as follows: 

The DC is a very important and simple charge with negative and positive charges for operating your phone. However, the main advantage of the DC is that it helps store the batteries. Therefore, p[ortable electronics like flashlights, cell phones, laptops, etc. work on DC power. On the other hand, mobile accessories North Highlands have important accessories that also work on the DC power. 

In Contrast to DC, AC electricity has more complexities because it switches back and forth. Moreover, you can economically use this power for long distances. The energy you use at home comes from the power lines available at the power outlets. 


The computer and iPad repair follows the different techniques for the DC charging solution for the tablet computer. The process is simple after using the USB cables that allow charging your mobile phone or tablet. Apart from the technician, if you want to recharge your phone at home, you can connect it with the USB ports of the car and laptops. The car and the computer both have DC power, so conversion is unnecessary. 

Why Do Some Technicians Use Both Types?

The technicians of Phone Repair Store North highlands use both types of charging. It would help to consider why you don’t choose a single power to convert the energy. So, the answer is AC is more likely to be available at different power outlets, but unluckily, outlets are limited compared to AC. On the other hand, DC can provide more charging stations that can provide more power. It is also expensive to get them, but they are available for plug-in charging ports.


Here are some benefits and disadvantages of using the DC cellPhone repair store in North Highlands.

  • The DC charging stations have particular grids for the hooking process. 
  • Also, the specific station of the DC is to convert more power.
  • However, the DC stations are large in scale and too expensive but have a lot of cooling. 
  • Often people like to keep the equipment in their cars so that they can plug in their mobile phones by using the grid.

Proces of the DC Supply Power

However, this section will deal with how cell phone repair in North Highlands follows the setting steps of the DC supply power: 

  • First, the technician needs the design the DC power supply. 
  • Voltage regulators, pigtail connectors, hot glue guns, hook-up wires, soldering iron, switches, and LED light indicators are essential for designing. 
  • The second step is the material for making the appropriate size of the box. 
  • Then the technicians of the mobile accessories North Highlands work on the shape of the front compartment. 
  • Besides this, the procedure proceeds with drilling the holes in the outlets. 
  • Now they put both boxes together and work on the electronics. 
  • Also, they end their task by hooking up the electronic machines together. 

Wrapping It Up

So, this is how the DC power supply in the mobile phone repair in North Highlands works for your devices. Also, the internet is full of different information on the DC power supply, and you can get assistance from it. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I Power My Mobile Phone with DC Power Supply?

Yes, the purpose of the DC power supply is to give power to your phone for operating it. 

Can a Normal Person Fix the DC Power Supply in a Mobile Phone?

No, a normal power supply or person cannot fix the DC in the Mobile phone.

What is the Purpose of the DC Power Supply?

It helps in charging mobile phones and other devices.

Mobile Phone Repair North Highlands Use DC Power Supply

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