Pictek Gaming Mouse Software And Complete Process Of Its Customization

The gaming mouse is one of the essential accessories because if your computer is about to die, you cannot play games. Yes? In this detailed review, find out if the Pictek gaming mouse wired 7200dpi is the gaming mouse for you.

A wired gaming mouse with a DPI of up to 7200 and programmable RGB, Picket Gaming Mouse. Two of the seven buttons are used to change DPI on this mouse.

Pictek Gaming Mouse

Here are a few other great features of this mouse, so let’s take a look.


  • A lot of programming options
  • Money well spent
  • Seven buttons
  • A customizable RGB color scheme


  • The button clicks are not good

How do you customize pictek gaming mouse software?

PC gamers often use mouse customization to enhance their gaming experience, and for good reasons. By mapping each mouse button to a specific function, players can make their favorite games more competitive.

In terms of perfecting and customizing game devices, button design is undoubtedly the fan’s choice. Other players want to change settings, too. The following options are available on some game mice, which guide us on setting up the Software for the pictek gaming mouse.

1.     The LED light

Gamers enjoy dressing up their machines, desks, and LED displays, so why not dress up their gaming mice as well? The user can set the colors of some mice, and others gradually pulse light to simulate breathing.

2.     The weight

Gamers have different expectations of what a mouse should feel like or how solid it should be. The weight of some high-end gaming mice can be changed by placing small weights inside.

3.     Ergonomic design

Playing poker for hours on end can wear out the hands. Specific game mice, however, are designed to reduce the amount of pressure on your hand. It’s always a good idea to purchase a wrist rest for your mouse pad if you choose an ergonomic gaming device—injury over a long period.

4.     Software for a gaming mouse

Plug-and-play devices are compatible with various platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and offer the same simple pointing and clicking functionality.

Plug-and-play mice may come with this function, but the natural beauty of a gaming mouse lies in its expanded functionality. Almost always, Software is Windows-only, and customizations and extra functionality require Software.

Furthermore, most video games run only on Windows, so most gambling mice are also Windows-only applications. You should test the specification of the gaming mouse you buy when shopping so that you have the appropriate operating system for it.

5.     Connectivity

You need to be aware of two forms of communication when connecting your gaming mouse to your screen.

6.     A wireless mouse

The majority of mice used to play games are wireless. Wireless mice connect wirelessly to your device via a USB dongle, which transmits an exclusive frequency. They are ubiquitous since they are compact (and ubiquitous). Please don’t forget to supply the batteries, typically AA or AAA.

7.     Wired

The idea behind wired gaming mice is to add a permanent USB connection to the device to have all the capabilities of their virtual counterparts. The use of a wired mouse may seem like a relic of the Stone Age, but wired mice can sometimes have lower lags than wireless mice, giving sure computer gamers the split-second advantage they need.

A conclusion to the Pictek Gaming Mouse software

A conclusion to the Pictek Gaming Mouse software

Despite the price, Pictek makes an excellent gaming mouse. Everything works great except for the left and right buttons, which are a bit mushy. However, the price is reasonable for the performance.

Pictek T7 gaming mouse software

T7’s Software allows the user to explore various features.

Explorer US Digital 

WINDOWS 10                        

With the US Digital Device Explorer, you will be able to scan through American Digital devices, see device-specific configurations, and view status panels for those devices. Widgets from US Digital have been added.

Demo for T7 


This application allows one to view the current T7 configuration, on-screen positions in real-time and even change basic operational parameters, such as damping, angle output range, and baud rate.

Demo of T7 Lab View 


Customers can view the angle of the attached T7 device on the screen and adjust basic operating parameters such as damping, angle range, and direction.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Pictek Gaming Mouse Software then visit our Software category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Pictek mouse a good gaming mouse? 

The mouse has quick dpi buttons, so the dpi settings are easy to adjust. It only has two other buttons besides the mouse’s standard controls and the two for changing the dpi. If you need to use more than just those buttons for gaming, this is not ideal. An excellent, long wire is also made from solid material.

Does the Pictek gaming mouse work well for drag-and-drop?

T16 is an overall good mouse, but its buttons are pretty high, and you must press very deeply to activate it. It works well in games and feels normal to click. If you want to connect quickly and use clicking methods, this is a bad thing. Overall, it’s not possible to drag and click.

Ninja uses what kind of mouse?

Ninja uses what type of keyboard and mouse? Ninja uses an exclusive Final Mouse Air58 gaming mouse, which unfortunately is no longer sold.

Does Pictek mouse double-click?

This professional ergonomic mouse by Pictek has seven programmable buttons with RGB backlighting and breathing light. You can also customize other sets you want with the Software, such as scrolling speed, mouse sensitivity, light mode, double-clicking, etc.

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