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How to choose a Type-C data cable?

In addition to smartphones and tablets, devices including desktops and notebooks are beginning to incorporate USB Type-C that can simultaneously transfer documents and charge them, which is not only smaller than normal USB, but also more powerful, and has now become one of the mainstream ports of connection. However, there are many kinds of USB Type-C data cable on the market, and their respective transmission and charging speeds are not quite the same, which is a bit troubling when selecting one.

1. The key points of USB Type-C cable purchase

Since not all 3C products will be equipped with USB Type-C data cable, it is recommended to select the right type of cable according to the device at hand. For example, if you want to connect your MacBook to your smartphone, you can buy a cable with USB Type-C connectors on both sides; however, if you just want to charge your device or connect to a computer without a USB Type-C port, the other end must be a general USB-A connector.

2. Select the corresponding functional specifications according to the usage

Since USB Type-C cables on the market do not support all functional certifications at the same time, it is recommended to select the products that meet the conditions according to their applications and the relevant specifications supported.

2.1 Transmission documents will be faster if you choose USB3.0 or above

Not all USB Type-C data cable can support USB3.0 or higher, as some still use USB2.0, so it is recommended to confirm the specifications of the device in hand before selecting the corresponding product. In addition, since USB Type-C data cable cannot be judged directly from the appearance of the version, you must read the product specification sheet to confirm.

In addition, the latest USB version of the standard has come to 4.0, in addition to the common USB3.0, there is also a transmission speed of 5Gbps “USB3.1Gen1” and 10Gbps “USB3.1Gen2”. The Cabletime brand offers USB4, Thunderbolt4 and Thunderbolt3 at up to 40Gbps.

2.2 Quick Charge support for faster charging

Some mid-range and high-end smartphones or tablets can support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard, which provides a charging speed at least 1.8 times faster than usual, making it very attractive for consumers who need to use their phones frequently. However, to achieve the optimal rate, the transmission cable must also be equipped with the appropriate features. 

Quick Charge” also has 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and other versions, the larger the number the stronger the wattage and current provided, and the higher the relative charging speed and stability. However, only a very few devices are currently equipped with QC4.0, and very few transformers are available to support it. Therefore, if you want to buy a more compatible product, it is recommended to pick a QC3.0 transmission cable.

The Cabletime brand offers QC 3.0-enabled usb C cables.

3. “USB-IF” certified transmission cable is more secure

“USB-IF” is the abbreviation of the USB Developer Forum, all the current USB standards are promoted through this organization, and the actual application in various fields. As long as the cable passed the “USB-IF” organization certification, it will state “SuperSpeed USB” or “SuperSpeed + USB” on the package, which means that the performance of the cable is guaranteed, so it can be used as a reference when purchasing. All of Cabletime’s type c cables are USB-IF certified, so please feel free to buy them.

However, in order to obtain the relevant certification, manufacturers usually lead to higher costs for the transmission cable, which in turn increases the price of the sale. But even if the cable is not certified, the performance will not necessarily lose to certified products, so it is recommended to select the right style according to the budget.

As there are many different specifications of Type-C cables, please make sure to confirm the type of equipment supported and filter the specifications according to your needs before purchasing, so that you can effectively narrow down the range and find the most suitable cable for you.

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