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Introduction to Android

Operating systems play an important role in our lives. Previously, the most common were Linux, Windows, and mac. Later, Android Operating Systems were introduced in the market. This operating system was a boon to the undying competition in the mobile phone market and was the most liked product by the customers. Android operating systems are still highly popular and reliable for users. Online android courses helps us to understand android operating systems that provides are used for building unique apps, websites, and games for cellular devices in the Java language medium.

Features of the Android Operating System

The following are the basic features of the Android Operating System:

  1. Android Operating Systems are open-source and is free to access.
  2. It is customizable.
  3. The consumer can choose among different applications.
  4. There are several features like weather updates, live RSS, opening screen. SMS and MMS are supported by android. Moreover, web browsers, storage, and connectivity features like blue tooth, GSM, CDMA, and Wi-Fi are also featured by Android. The SDK includes a debugger, libraries, an emulator, some documentation, sample code, and tutorials. For immediate development, graphical integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Eclipse are used to write applications in Java. 

Android Development Objectives

  • Android Studio and build UI (Set up and walkthrough)
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Java Programming used to create android applications
  • Managing Inputs, Buttons, and Reactive (ap) Interfaces Configuring Variables, Arrays, and Loops. Array lists, List view Developing and managing the lifecycle of an android application.
  • Embedding SQLite databases in the android application for persistent storage
  • Connecting Android apps to web applications or services and Java libraries
  • Understanding and using Map View, location services, and other built-in features Packaging and deploying apps to phones and in the google play store.
  • Setting up the IDE to develop and test the Android app Using XML-based layouts to place buttons, checkboxes, and other widgets, configuring and managing smartphone different screen sizes and rotation.

Training and Certification

  • Exam Name Associate Android Developer Certificate features create applications that leverage android connectivity for multitasking and media services to design full-featured applications primarily for mobile devices.
  • UI quickly builds applications with clean, effective UI that take advantage of Androids-rich UI frameworks.
  • Data management uses an android framework and techniques to efficiently execute or schedule storage of retrieval data in a mobile environment.  
  • Debugging Understand the debugging tools in Android Studio and create more reliable and robust applications.
  • Testing is able to stop a running program to find errors and abnormal or unexpected behavior. 

Certification for the exam costs $109

  • The validity of the certificate will be for 36 months


An Android operating system is an essential tool for developers and common users too. They provide a reliable and cost-effective platform for several days of use and business opportunities. Android online courses are a good way to understand the basics of Android development software.

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