Varus ARAM: A great ARAM based on its unique abilities


Varus is a decent pick in ARAM if your team has a solid early game, reasonable crowd control, and tanks that can do well into the late game. His ult is pretty much useless, but his traps can help with early pressure. A new champion has been available for play in ARAM matches since patch 9.9. Varus Aram is a ranged A.D. carry with a kit that requires skill to be used effectively. And he can be very challenging to put into practice in most games. However, his kit lends itself well to the faster pace of ARAM.

Varus is an ADC champion with decent poke and burst damage, making him suited for the All-Mid All Random (AMAR) game mode. His skill set makes his abilities suit well to poking enemies at a distance, with good poke during pre-game and mid-game. Varus is also known to be quite squishy compared to other ADC’s. This guide provides itemization that will hopefully allow you to survive in Team Fight situations while still dishing out high amounts of damage if necessary.

Abilities of Varus Aram

First, let’s take a look at the numbers of the champ: 

  • He has 500 HP, 449 MP (Mana). 
  • He has 77 Attack Damage scaling with 130% bonus A.D. at level 18. 
  • He has 263 base Movement Speed (M.S.).
  • And an attack speed of 0.658 (58%). 
  • His attack range is 500, almost the same as any other ranged carry in League of Legends. 
  • He uses 20 energy for his Q [Piercing Arrow] ability to do 60/70/80/90/100/110 (+1.0 total A.D.)(+0.7 AP) physical damage with a 6-second cooldown upon a successful hit. 
  • The arrow range is 825 units if you want to harass or poke an enemy before engaging in team fights.

Varus: As a great ARAM 

Varus is great in ARAM due to the fast pace of the match, anyone who dies will likely have already used their W before dying, meaning you get a lot more out of it. It also synergizes well with his E [Hail of Arrows], which provides him AoE damage in team fights when activated after using Q on an enemy champion.

At level 6, Varus gains access to his ultimate [Chain of Corruption], a global spell that targets a champion and tethers them for 3 seconds. If the target does not break the rope by moving out of range or flashing away, they will be rooted in place and gain 10/20/30% increased damage taken from Varus’ abilities. When the spell is cast, Varus can also be reactivated twice within 4 seconds. Expending one further use on each model. That’s a pretty powerful ult, but you have to make sure that your team is there with you or that this isn’t going to end up being a waste.

Some essential factors of Varus Aram

Some of his most notable items are essential on every ranged A.D. carry. His W passive scales with crit chance, so I usually rush a B.F.Sword and Berserker’s Greaves to get early damage off; you should focus more on attack speed than critical chance in ARAM because if your team lacks damage, you need all the sustained DPS [damage per second] you can get. After getting these two items finished, it is time to build Infinity Edge for its passive and increase attack speed even further; this item alone will end up increasing Varus’ DPS by around 40% due to its combination with his Q and passive abilities.

 Once he gains access to his E ability at level 13, he is highly versatile in that he can choose to purchase either Last Whisper or Black Cleaver for his build depending on enemy team comp; I usually go with Last Whisper because it helps deal with tanks and even some supports, while Black Cleaver is more effective against enemy A.D. carries. If you still feel like your damage is lacking after getting the two items mentioned above, then grab an additional Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King.

Landing of varus’ Q in ARAM 

It’s challenging to land varus’ Q in ARAM. It’s better to build tanky items. But if your team has a solid early game, reasonable crowd control, and tanks that can do well into the late game, then varus is a decent pick in ARAM. It’s challenging to use his ult in ARAM. After all, everyone is very mobile and sticks together. That makes his passive pretty much useless if you’re not playing him in the jungle. His Q is also tough to hit in ARAM since people don’t stay in one place for that long, so it ends up being an unreliable poke tool.

Landing of varus' Q in ARAM 

Work of Varus Aram:

Varus works best when paired up with solid initiators such as Malphite, Vi, Jarvan IV, Rumble, etc., who can help him engage in team fights with their ultimates while dealing heavy damage from behind them. He has no escape abilities, so any champion playing this role also needs a form of CC [Crowd Control] such as a slow or root.

Finally, if you want to run him in ARAM, the best way is with a team with more crowd control for engaging and disengaging from fights, initiators who can ult multiple targets, and tanks who scale well into the late game. Champions like Malphite, Blitzcrank, Alistar, Nautilus, etc., all work exceptionally well with Varus.


Varus Aram is a powerful champion because he scales off attack damage very well and can dish out tons of damage due to his abilities having high base damage numbers and scaling with bonus ad rather than ap. Range. His living vengeance passive also allows him to stay relevant in the late game. However, since there is no way to get gold in ARAM besides champion kills/assists, it makes more sense for varus to build tanky items instead of pure damage.

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